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Established in 2068 BS in Lahan, Siraha, Nepal, the Medical Institute Lahan (MIL) has become a distinguished center for medical education. Offering key courses like PCL Nursing and PCL General Medicine, affiliated with CTEVT, MIL provides a rigorous three-year program that blends theory with practical experience. The institute’s own hospital facilitates hands-on learning, bridging the gap between classroom knowledge and real-world medical practice.

Doctor holding graduation gap hat in nursing hospital.

Learn with Practice

MIL goes beyond education by providing essential facilities. With transportation and hostel options, students can access quality education without logistical challenges. The institute’s hostel fosters a sense of community among students. Graduates not only leave with medical proficiency but also with values of compassion and service, ready to make a positive impact in healthcare. MIL stands as a testament to Nepal’s commitment to nurturing skilled healthcare professionals.

Dr. Subash Shah


“Welcome to Medical Institute Lahan! As the Chairman, I extend a heartfelt greeting to our esteemed students, esteemed faculty members, and valued visitors. Our institution is unwaveringly dedicated to nurturing excellence in healthcare education, equipping students for triumphant careers ahead. With our devoted faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and a comprehensive educational approach, we are steadfast in our mission to shape empathetic and adept healthcare professionals. To aspiring students, I invite you to explore our diverse array of programs meticulously designed to match your ambitions. And to our current students, seize the opportunities, embrace challenges, and undergo personal and professional growth during your time here. Together, let’s relentlessly pursue healthcare education’s pinnacle, while contributing meaningfully to societal betterment. Your journey towards success finds its home at MIL!”

Team member

We feel very proud for our great Team Members.

At Medical Institute Lahan (MIL), our distinguished teaching faculty is the cornerstone of our commitment to excellence in education. With a wealth of experience in their respective fields, these dedicated educators bring a depth of knowledge and insight that greatly enriches the learning journey of our students. Their years of teaching have not only refined their pedagogical skills but have also instilled a passion for nurturing the next generation of healthcare professionals. Through their seasoned guidance, MIL’s experienced teachers inspire students to reach their fullest potential, imparting not only textbook knowledge but also practical wisdom that extends beyond the classroom. Their mentorship is a driving force behind our students’ success, as they graduate not only with qualifications but also with the profound influence of these exceptional educators.


Our Ex-MIL Students

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